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Monday, February 4, 2008

California Car Insurance - What Is New?

Car Insurance Firms Punish Serial Offendersby Karl BantlemanRecent research gathered by top insurers has shown that drivers who have points on their license are likely to be penalised by nearly a third of insurers. People may complain about speeding fines and the leeway given but if a driver has two speeding convictions, research shows that the price raises by around 25%. It gets worse for people who receive a six month ban; their premiums can rise by 50%.This makes finding cheap car insurance extremely hard for these drivers so the need to drive extra carefully is increasingly more important. With the possibility of being discounted by nearly third of insurers, drivers will have to shop around to find the best price for them, especially with the increase possibility of crashes in January and premiums likely to rise. When these drivers disclose their information, insurers are likely to make increases on their premium; however, some insurers will increase the price more than others but be prepared to pay more than the usual.I suppose the important fact to take from this, is by driving carefully and by sticking to the relevant speed limits, you can give yourself the best chances of finding car insurance prices that match your requirements and your pocket. Do not try and withhold any information from the insurers because they will find out and are likely to void your insurance.With the extra methods now in operation it is impossible not to have motor insurance. For drivers with points and convictions, for the moment, you will have to pay for the higher premiums; for the drivers who have no points and a clean license, make sure it stays that way so you can carry on paying the lowest premiums available to you.Searching for cheap car insurance can be difficult but for drivers with blemishes on their records it is even harder. This is because car insurance companies will penalise drivers with points on their license, so shopping around for the right motor insurance quote is increasingly important.